Mauro Gatto

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Pain relief treatment:

The treatment for you if you are experiencing physical pain, such as back pain, neck pain etc. Mauro combines a variety of techniques to alleviate pain, and to restore your energy, mobility and sense of well-being in as few sessions as possible.

Relaxing massage:

This is your treatment if you want to treat yourself and experience deep relaxation.
Mauro’s massage is both therapeutic and relaxing, tailored to relieve your tension and soothe your body into a state of deep relaxation. This treatment is suitable for everyone, especially if you want to soothe your aching body after a long walk or a nice surf session. You’ll experience reduced stress, an improved sense of relaxation, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, more energy and more mobility to enjoy all those physical activities that you love.

To book a treatment:

Call / WhatsApp: +351 925 099 967