The Em Boas Maos Approach

Physical pain in the body is most often caused by muscle contraction and joint misalignment. Mauro combines the best massage treatments with cutting-edge joint mobilisation techniques, to stimulate the parasympathetic response, and activate your body’s incredible ability to heal itself faster.

Mauro offers a completely tailored experience, designed to meet your unique needs, be it complete relaxation, or targeted pain relief.

Mauro’s treatments are designed to create effective relief in the fewest number of sessions possible.

Why Massage?

If you desire relaxation and pampering, massage is the obvious choice, but what about if you’re experiencing pain, such as; back pain or neck pain? Isn’t seeking an osteopath or a chiropractor better?

Not necessarily. Mauro has successfully treated hundreds of clients with such ailments. The efficacy of his treatments lies in his unique approach of relieving muscle contraction through deep tissue massage, and removing joint restriction with mobilisation techniques — offering you the best of both worlds. At the end of your treatment, Mauro can also suggest easy stretches and exercises that will further stimulate your body’s ability to heal in-between sessions.